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10 Dogs Language Explained: How to Understand Your Dog Better | Every Senior Should Know


Any dog owner can confirm that dogs do some very strange things. Amidst the everyday behaviors like cuddling, playing, and giving kisses, our furry friends sometimes do things that we just don’t understand. We spoke with Leanne Jakubowsky, DVM, owner of All Creatures Mobile Clinic in Austin, Texas, to find out the medical reasoning behind some of our dogs’ strangest behaviors.


10- When your dog suddenly gets the “zoomies” it’s because of the best possible reason.

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Every now and then dogs will get a random burst of energy that results in them doing laps around the house or yard. Commonly known as “the zoomies,” pet parents often wonder what causes this hilarious activity. As it turns out, the reason is simple — happiness. Dr. Jakubowsky told Insider, “It’s a way to release pent-up energy, but only happy, healthy dogs get the zoomies.” So, if your pet is doing the zoomies then you are doing everything right. According to Dr. Jakubowsky, many dogs also get the zoomies after a bath because “it feels so good to move and shake off all that water and anxiety.” Although the zoomies are a completely healthy behavior, Dr. Jakubowsky does warn that pet parents should always be on alert and cautious when their dog is running around. In order to avoid injury to the dog or people around it, she advises to “steer [pets] to safe areas… and take care to protect yourself and your knees as a dog with the zoomies could crash into you.”

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