Halloween Cupcakes – Easy Ideas

If you are looking for some easy ideas to decorate cupcakes for Halloween, then wait no longer! We have lots of different ideas for decorating Halloween cupcakes that everyone can come up with. You don’t have to be a professional baker to make these.

First, let’s talk about cakes and frosting. You can make your own cupcakes from scratch or use a boxed mix for all of these ideas. If you need a recipe, give it a try my favorite chocolate cake recipe. It’s simple and SO moist.

Another good option is this vanilla buttermilk cakewhich you can make “funfetti” by adding sprinkles to the dough.

You will need buttercream frosting and food coloring for most of these Halloween cupcake designs. Or you can use store-bought frosting with food coloring.

We also used royal icing for one design. And here are many of the news sprinkles we used:

Candy Corn Cupcakes

To make the candy corn cupcakes, start by adding a line of frosting to the center. You can touch this or use one offset spatula. Then fill a shallow bowl with orange sprinkles. Dip the cupcake lightly so that the frosting is filled with orange sprinkles.

Repeat on each side with the yellow and white sprinkles, being careful not to blend the edges as best you can.

Gravestone Cupcakes

To make tombstone cupcakes, create the tombstones by cutting Milano cookies in half and pipe “RIP” on top with chocolate frosting. You could also buy tombstone cupcake toppers.

Frost the cupcake with chocolate frosting, then dip the entire top in chocolate Jimmie sprinkles. You can also add rock or bone sprinkles On the top. Then add your headstone.

Blood drip cupcakes

For these bloody knife cupcakes, pipe vanilla frosting on top of each cupcake. Then drip red royal icing On the top. Add one edible knife to the red ice area.

Mummy Cupcakes

To make mummy cupcakes, use white frosting, eyeball sprinkles, and a petal frost tip. If you had this set of frosting tips you can use #104 or #127 to touch the mummy bandages on top. Then add the eyes and you’re done!

Brain Cupcakes

These are for all your zombie guests to enjoy. Laugh out loud. To make brain cupcakes, use vanilla buttercream frosting tinted pink. Frost the top of the cupcake in a thin smooth layer.

Then use the edge of a butter knife to split the cupcake in half. Pipe curly lines along both sides.

Looking for more Halloween cupcake ideas? Try these easy ones witch hat cupcakes!

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